the SPRING OUTING of cheese lab

     On May 19, 2018 , the  Cheese Lab launched a one-day spring outing activity together with the Happy Lab. At 7:30, all members of the team took a bus from Beijing Institute of Technology, and we reached the beautiful The Stone Forest Scenic Gorge two hours later. The Stone Forest Scenic Gorge is a pleasant place, and everyone had a happy mood came to the foot of the mountain.

     After three hours, we reached the top of the mountain and enjoyed the beauty of The Stone Forest Scenic Gorge, and sighed with feeling that nature was really a wonderful workmanship. Although being tired when climbing the mountain, we finally enjoyed the different beauty after sticking to climbing it. After this mountain climbing, we also firmly believe that we will finally reach the peak of scientific research.

the award ceremony of cheese lab

    The Cheese Lab held the summary conference on 2nd February, 2018. Our Professor Qi Chen awarded the Most Valuable Player to Jiawen Xiao, the Best Service to Sai Ma, and the bamboo award to Pengfei Liu.

the sharing dinner with happy lab

    The Cheese Lab had a dinner with the Happy Lab, as well as sharing some things happening in the past year and exchanging thoughts. At last, they discussed what they were going to do. That was really a wonderfully with all kinds of delicious food.