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Congeneric Incorporation of CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals in a Hybrid Perovskite Heterojunction for Photovoltaic Efficiency Enhancement

H Zai, C Zhu, H Xie, Y Zhao, C Shi, Z Chen, X Ke, M Sui, C Chen, J Hu, ...

ACS Energy Letters 3 (1), 30-38

The emergence of the mixed perovskites and their applications as solar cells

JW Xiao, L Liu, D Zhang, N De Marco, JW Lee, O Lin, Q Chen, Y Yang

Advanced Energy Materials 7 (20), 1700491


Chemical reduction of intrinsic defects in thicker heterojunction planar perovskite solar cells

Z Liu, J Hu, H Jiao, L Li, G Zheng, Y Chen, Y Huang, Q Zhang, C Shen, ...

Advanced Materials 29 (23), 1606774



Cost analysis of perovskite tandem photovoltaics

Z Li, Y Zhao, X Wang, Y Sun, Z Zhao, Y Li, H Zhou, Q Chen

Joule 2 (8), 1559-1572


Manipulation of facet orientation in hybrid perovskite polycrystalline films by cation cascade

G Zheng, C Zhu, J Ma, X Zhang, G Tang, R Li, Y Chen, L Li, J Hu, J Hong, ...

Nature Communications 9 (1), 2793


Grain‐Boundary “Patches” by In Situ Conversion to Enhance Perovskite Solar Cells Stability

L Liu, S Huang, Y Lu, P Liu, Y Zhao, C Shi, S Zhang, J Wu, H Zhong, ...

Advanced Materials 30 (29), 1800544



Locally collective hydrogen bonding isolates lead octahedra for white emission improvement

BB Cui, Y Han, B Huang, Y Zhao, X Wu, L Liu, G Cao, Q Du, N Liu, W Zou, ...

Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8


Interfacial Residual Stress Relaxation in Perovskite Solar Cells with Improved Stability

H Wang, C Zhu, L Liu, S Ma, P Liu, J Wu, C Shi, Q Du, Y Hao, S Xiang, ...

Advanced Materials 31 (48), 1904408


Strain engineering in perovskite solar cells and its impacts on carrier dynamics

C Zhu, X Niu, Y Fu, N Li, C Hu, Y Chen, X He, G Na, P Liu, H Zai, Y Ge, ...

Nature communications 10 (1), 815



The Role of Surface Termination in Halide Perovskite for Efficient Photocatalytic Synthesis

Q Chen, Y Dong, K Li, W Luo, C Zhu, H Guan, H Wang, L Wang, K Deng, ...

Angewandte Chemie International Edition


Promoting Thermodynamic and Kinetic Stabilities of FA-based Perovskite by an in Situ Bilayer Structure

AF Xu, N Liu, F Xie, T Song, Y Ma, P Zhang, Y Bai, Y Li, Q Chen, G Xu

Nano Letters 20 (5), 3864-3871


Stacking Effects on Electron–Phonon Coupling in Layered Hybrid Perovskites via Microstrain Manipulation

Q Du, C Zhu, Z Yin, G Na, C Cheng, Y Han, N Liu, X Niu, H Zhou, H Chen, ...

ACS nano 14 (5), 5806-5817


Cation Diffusion Guides Hybrid Halide Perovskite Crystallization during the Gel Stage

L Liu, Y Bai, X Zhang, Y Shang, C Wang, H Wang, C Zhu, C Hu, J Wu, ...

AngewandteChemie International Edition 59 (15), 5979-5987


1000 h Operational Lifetime Perovskite Solar Cells by Ambient Melting Encapsulation

S Ma, Y Bai, H Wang, H Zai, J Wu, L Li, S Xiang, N Liu, L Liu, C Zhu, G Liu, ...

Advanced Energy Materials, 1902472

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